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Reviews and Client  testimonials 

Client review from my therapy practice:

“I've had anxiety and panic attacks for the last 14 years. Of the multiple therapists I've seen, Kristen is the only one who was able to help me address the underlying root cause of my anxiety that ultimately changed my perspective and improved my mental health.

Too many therapists treat symptoms (breathing exercises, counting, etc) to help with anxiety, but Kristen actually helped me confront my underlying insecurity of seeking external validation and not setting enough boundaries for myself. How did she do it? She's an extremely good listener and thinks critically. She walked me through different thought and writing exercises, and challenged me when appropriate to step outside my comfort zone. Some weeks it was listening to my body, skipping a workout, or simply staring at myself in the mirror and asking myself hard honest questions. Kristen was able to adapt our sessions to what I needed in those moments, yet I always felt like it was part of a longer, bigger plan with an end goal in mind. In six months with Kristen, I am happier and healthier than I've been in my adult life. I would highly recommend Kristen's services - she's exceptionally talented at what she does!”

"Kristen was my mentor for 6 months during an internship several years ago. During that time I was able to see her level of competence in practicing psychotherapy. I had the opportunity to shadow several therapists and Kristen was by far the most comprehensive in terms of her clinical skillset. it is clear that she is consistently up to date in her professional knowledge of various treatment modalities. I’ve seen her ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of trauma in clients, her ability to address and reframe cognitive distortions, implement treatment planning that reflects the client’s goals, and helping clients develop insight into themselves or their relationships. In addition to considerable intellect, Kristen is a warm and engaging person who teaches others by example, is inclusive, and consistently exhibits curiosity and professional development. She demonstrates the utmost honesty and integrity, promoting the wellbeing of her clients. Kristen has sound judgment & I’ve had the opportunity to see her interview clients to gather information about their backgrounds, needs, or progress with sensitivity and integrity. I learned so much valuable information from Kristen— particularly the neurobiological aspects of addiction and trauma. Kristen has particular strength in developing excellent working alliances with her usually complex and challenging clients. Kristen maintained genuine professionalism at all times. Her excellent leadership and clinical abilities enables her to have awareness of others’ reactions & understanding of why individuals react as they do. I’ve witnessed her exceptional active listening skills and social perceptiveness— she provides continual attention to what her clients are communicating to her & taking the time to understand any questions or concerns. In addition, HR was so impressed by Kristen’s knowledge and skills that she was invited to give a presentation during a training for new hires of various sites. She is a motivator and I have witnessed her engage and motivate ill clients inpatient substance abuse treatment. If she can engage, them, she can engage and motivate anyone!"

- -Intern

"I’ve seen Kristen several times for anxiety issues and I have to say that she is the most caring and compassionate therapists I’ve ever had. You feel immediately at ease in her presence and she offers very helpful suggestions for you to work on outside the office visits. It’s like ‘homework’ for your soul so you are able to better understand why you react to certain situations. She’s amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone that is anxious about seeking therapy . You won’t be disappointed."-MK

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